Christmas in San Francisco

With march passing by so quickly, it’s almost mid of the year, and with that, people start planning for their Christmas breaks. To make your ‘Happy Holidays’ special, this year, try visiting and spending some time in San Franciso. Sure, San Francisco does not ring the bell when you think about spending your Christmas with the family. The destination is indeed a unique one, but it can be a once in a lifetime experience if reached at the right time.

The weather in San Francisco during winter the Christmas eve is something between appreciable. It still rains, but you will get approximately 9.5 hours of daylight, which is enough for anyone to enjoy. San Francisco also hosts an excellent nightlife.

San Francisco has everything from excellent ferry building views to Alcatraz and Segway tour. Their seafood at fisherman’s wharf is to die for and heaven for foodies. The golden gate and all the modern art places is a must go for once at least.

Before we dive into the matter of ‘what places to visit while touring in San Francisco’, here are a few reasons why you should visit San Francisco.


If you’re a pocket-friendly traveller, someone who likes to explore new things but also wants to stay in his budget, San Francisco is your place. Not that it will be super cheap, but what gets in mind when you think about travelling abroad. Especially to the states is all the high-end expenses you’ll have to bear. However, Sa Francisco is much cheaper than you think and could be counted as one of the most budget-friendly places in America.

Broadways, Live Performances, and What Not!

If you’re a fan of modern arts and award-winning theatres or broadway shows, San Francisco is the city for you! You can spend your evening watching a beautiful opera or Broadway show at the golden gate theatre. Curran is also the home for modern and performance arts.

Lesser Crowd – More Fun

December is not that crowded in San Francisco. Mostly the peak time for tourism would have been passed a while ago, making it the golden period to explore. Why? Despite getting everything on half-price, the crowd will be much lesser than ever, and it will let you enjoy the sightseeing to the fullest.  You can go for cable car rides at leisure or have food from the street stalls.

New Years Eve

New years in San Francisco is a lot happening than you think. You can have a full view of fireworks from the ferry building and can celebrate all kinds of festivities with maximum fun and laughter. It will be a memorable experience for you and your family.

Ice-Skating – Enough Said!

If you’re still on hold and wondering whether or not book a flight for it, here is the last nail for the hook. San Francisco offers a wide range of in-doors and out-doors ice-skating experience. The must-to-go ones are the ‘union square’ and ‘Embarcadero’. Ice-skating is something everyone enjoys, and planning a day of snowful happiness during your vacation time is a must to do.


Now that we have your firm on the decision to visit San Francisco this Christmas. We will not let you roam around the city of cluelessly. Here are a few places to explore during your time on vacation.

You can ask about them to your tour guide at your convenience and could plan accordingly. The guide will only mention the name and attraction related to it. Any further information about the current situation has to be provided by your tour company.


Alcatraz is an old prison city. The town was a former prison in earlier times and now posses a tremendous historical value. Many tour company offers Alcatraz and Segway tour as part of their plan, mainly because this will experience that’ll take back in time. Alcatraz requires a ferry trip down to erstwhile military prison. You can enjoy the view with the audio tour that is designed to be self-guided. You can check out the view from the yard, and the bridge looks breath-taking from there.

Museums of San Francisco

The famous Madame Tussauds museum is something everyone is familiar with. And also something everyone wants to go for fun and..selfies ( no shame in that). But apart from this San Francisco also homes very large and rich in history museums like Disney museum, California academy for sciences, San Francisco Museum of modern arts, and even the aquarium by the Bay.  All of these enormously famous museums provide an experience of their own. The best part of this is that each museum offers an adventure of their own.

Japanese Tea Garden

This is a highly-visit area for tour purposes. People tend to feel a breath of relaxation and fresh air around here. The garden is beautifully designed with pretty cherry blossoms ( famously found in japan) and other native flowers. You can go there with your family to enjoy the fragrance of the flowers and the breezes of air. Along with the sips of sweet Japanese tea. The garden is amidst the golden gate park and serves the purpose of oasis-like tranquillity.

Muir Woods National Monument

The landscape is full of iconic redwood trees. Famously found in San Francisco. It is only 16 miles away from the main city. But to visit it for at least once is a must. It will leave you awestruck with its beauty and have the potential to become the highlight of your trip. It is also one of the national monument and believe it or not, the forest-looking mir woods is something you do not want to miss.

China Town

Want to have an authentic Chinese experience? Well, this trip has got your back in all cases. The china town of San Francisco is consist of 24 blocks. You can pay a visit to the ancient and oldest Chinese temple and pray for your luck. If you’ve always been a curious type and want to know what goes into making the fortune cookies, you have a look inside the making of them.






Reasons to choose a photo studio for family photography in California

It is fun to take unplanned photos with your phone because they often result in great candid shots. Such pictures are perfect for texting, emailing, and for posting on Facebook profiles, but no one can rely on a mobile phone camera for a family portrait or picture. When it comes to family photography or portraiture, everyone wants to save and treasure these photos. An indoor photo studio set up is priceless for the family portraits.

The photos taken by some professional photographers have such a classic, timeless look and feel that a family can treasure for the upcoming generations. In this era of smartphones and tablets, it is so easy for all to feel confident in their own photography skills, but for family photography, we all want to capture these milestones in the best possible way. The quality of a picture highly depends upon the photography style and location, so it is the best option to choose a perfect family photography studio in California for your beloveds.

People should hire a well-reputed photographer for their family portraiture because they have years of experience in this field and have a lot of skills and techniques to make your family look just perfect. The professional photography studios are equally beneficial for business purposes and other occasions that need special photography services like a family portrait, bridal shoot, child’s birthday photo session, and a professional portfolio.

A family portraiture is a fantastic way to create some beautiful memories with your beloved family. You always want to have some delightful photos, whether you are with babies or teenagers or friends, etc. Some people want to have a perfect location for their photo session, the professional photographers are always there to guide you or suggest you some best places for an outdoor shoot. While some people want to have a shoot at their place or home, especially when they have a big family and babies as well. A professional photography studio can offer you the most control over your photo shoot while ensuring the best results to come.

If you want to stay in your comfort zone, you could also set up your photo session at your home under the guidance of a good photographer. While choosing a professional photographer, you do not have to worry about the technical aspects of the photo shoot because the photographer will do the rest of the things for you. In studios, they have all the tools and tricks required at the time of disposal. If you ask them to come to your place or some other outdoor location, they will not carry a lot of tools with them, which they used to have in studios all the time.

Benefits of Studios for Family photo shoots

  • You can plan your photo shoot perfectly

Before having a studio photo session, you can take as much time as you want to plan it properly because the shoot is going to be done indoors so that you can have a pretty amazing plan for it. You have nothing to worry about the things that can go wrong because they are highly capable of making adjustments at the spot. You must have some consultation with the studio so you can decide what you should choose for it. They can also give you some suggestions and help you select the right timing for the photo shoot.

  • Photos in a Controlled Environment

The main reason behind the family photo shoot in studios is that you can easily control the environment such as weather, you won’t plan your shoot on a sunny day if you want to shoot outdoors. But if you are having an indoor shoot, then you have nothing to worry about the weather. You can easily stay warm inside while avoiding all other issues a sunny day can present like glare in your eyes.

  • Create Beautiful Memories

If you choose to have a family portraiture in the studio, you will come back with a bunch of amazing memories because it is not just the photos themselves that you can display in your home. You can also have some fun and wonderful memories while taking those photos, and this trip to the studio can turn out to be an amazing day out with your whole family. All of your family members can let loose for some fun and enjoy the quality time together, and in the end, you are going to have stunning images to hang on your walls, or you can also put them into a photo album. You can also get some digital copies of your photos as well.

Monaco and Investment Platform

Some people might believe Monaco currency’s idea is a huge scam but I say there is a great opportunity here. There are actually ways if you understand what you do, that you can get in on the action and do well. You might even have the ability to get a hold of an offer which lets you purchase a limited quantity of bonus from This may be a fantastic option to give you a little capital whenever you are about to begin a business enterprise.

If you’re among the cryptocurrency, then it might be great if you understand its fundamentals. Monaco is a great alternative for wealth for users and investors . Therefore, if you are looking to do a little part of investing in, then keep reading to discover more.
Instead, When you obtain a Monaco cryptocurrency, you might also buy the Visa card in the firm, you might need to go through a practice of KYC. You would enter the sum of the purchase on your pocket or checking accounts. The trade would be made against Bitcoin Following the amount is entered.
Before you buy the Monaco currency, you will have to find out if the company who has made the Monaco cryptocurrency is going to honor their guarantees. You need to remember that it is important to select a company that will hold up to its promise. There are a number of businesses which will not honor their promises if they are dealing with an scam or unknown undertaking.

Investigate before Investing!

Some of the companies have attempted to get away with making the most of their clients, and those which have been around for some time have been able to provide their customers the best bargains on the cryptocurrency. It’s in your best interest to ensure that you are working with an organization that offers the best bargains when purchasing any currency.

In summary, I’d like to say there is. There are a lot of places Monaco monies can be purchased by you on the Internet, but making certain you purchase the right one, the one which can fulfill your needs, can allow you to find the maximum benefit.

Therefore, you will need to take your time when you’re choosing the firm that is right. You will need to do. You’ll also have to appear in the reputation the company has, because of this, you are able to do an internet search for reviews, reviews and other information which could be found online regarding the provider. You will be able to see which firm will be best suited for you by doing this.

Why Use Hair Extensions?

These days, we consistently see celebrities featuring in magazines or on TV displaying long and exquisite hair. However, some people have wonderful hair, a ton of others like to make use of hair expansions to showcase an alluring and long flowing hairdo. As a matter of fact, hair extensions are more well-known these days, contrasted with any other time.

If you talk about a noteworthy asset of a woman, the answer would be her long, curvaceous, and stunning looking hair. People have been captivated with their body hair since the early days, particularly the ones that grow on their heads and decorate their facial structures.

People make use of various haircuts, and likewise, make use of natural dye to give pretty colors and even make complex hairdos that indicated an individual’s status. Since the early days and even in famous stories, hair presented power, and when an individual loses their hair, consequently, they miss all their power.

However, people living in Atlanta can take the benefit of hair bundle deals Atlanta, and not just in Atlanta, but in other states as well. In this case, below, you will find top reasons to use hair extensions along with the advantages.

Transform Your Hairstyle Immediately

What everybody adores when it comes to hair extensions is that they get an alternative to transform hairstyle immediately. You must be aware of the fact that growing hair is a time taking thing; as a matter of fact, most of the people experience the common hair growth around 1cm every month. This may not actually be exciting, right?

The reason behind it is that everybody desires for long and fuller hair, and most importantly, they want it immediately. In the event that you have had a short haircut and don’t like your choice, it can take considerably longer for your hair to grow.

With such a large number of excellent alternatives in terms of treatments, there is a postponement before you can actually enjoy the outcome, however, with the help of hair extensions, you can make the most of your new look in the blink of an eye at all and get an immediate confidence lift.

In the case of using hair extensions, you have the freedom to adjust the length of your hair, along with creating volume and texture inside only a couple of hours. You can possess long and sweet locks, and nobody will realize you are wearing extensions. In this case, the attachments are covered up through your natural hair.


Almost everyone is aware of the agony of having hair of a similar length for the longest period, irrespective of the fact of how persistent, gentle, and caring you are to it. In the event that this seems like an issue you’re going through, at that point, hair extensions could turn out to be the ideal solution. Hair extensions can be applied instantly, endures longer, are straightforward to deal with, and provide you with your desired length of hair.



Haircut Regret

Most of the people have that one awful story of having an appointment for hairdo and requesting a little trim, however, ending up with an undesired hairdo.

Most of us must have gone through this experience. However, the upside regarding hair extension is that it can straightforwardly fix this issue. In this case, clip in hair extensions brings the finest solution in contrast to shaking longer locks during holding up for your natural hair to grow.

Limitless Hairstyles

A few haircuts are difficult to reproduce in case you have thin or short hair, and at times you simply need to wear that lovely hair extension you saved for the special event.

In this fashion, clip in hair extensions is amongst the best adaptable sort of alternatives. Contrasted with other tape-ins and permanent hair extensions that carry the danger of being visible in the event that your hair grows out or is worn down.

In the case of clip in hair extensions, they can simply be attached to your own sequence or even upside down to give your ponytail, braids, and updos additional length, volume, and modern color to give an instant prominent look.


These days, there are certain obvious reasons, for example, pollution, which is exceptionally common, you possibly will have the issue of hair loss. At the point, no solution turns out to be workable, hair loss turns out to be agonizing, and when surrendering is the only choice. Though, you can beat this and have excellent and bulky hair, effectively with no treatment through hair extensions.


Have you at any point needed to try different things regarding your hair, for example, different colors, however, you’re concerned it might look terrible? Or, on the other hand, you’re apprehensive it will harm your hair? These are largely reasonable and sensible thoughts. However, not with hair extensions.

Hair extensions make this procedure straightforward and simple for you – you can give several colors a try, at last attempt the ombre, or include those features/lowlights you’ve been desiring for. All that without stressing over the extensive obligation, and without making any harm to your hair. The magnificence of hair expansions? In the event that you don’t like the outcomes, you can just remove them from your hair. No problem!

Moreover, you can enjoy different colors in your hair through hair extensions, without utilizing any brutal and harming chemicals and dyes. For instance, peroxide is recognized to harm hair based on the fact that it is very drying, and it can cause your hair to become straw-like and dull. No one would have any desire for that!

In addition, a few people can experience unfavorable reactions when they go through hair dye and the fixings they use, which can even result in adverse reactions, for example, itching and irritation. However, in the case of using hair extensions, this can be a fear of the past.

You can choose from a range of colors that let you attempt or decide on a shade that matches typically with your hair. There is no risk, and you can essentially switch things up when you need to. Also, you can give your natural hair enough time to grow steadily.